Team building & Incentives

This activity is  ExploRaid’s DNA. The company has made its core business since the early nineties. By renewing itself over the years, and opening up especially to very original disciplines and approaches, the team has not aged a bit. A ‘win-win’ situation is mandatory, the achievement of set goals being a pretext for all kinds of games and amusements.

ExploRaid combines experience, creativity and originality. We consistently provide a qualitative level of excellence to our imaginary concepts and activities aimed at group motivations and team building in the company.

“Our main goal is the participation of everyone, all of our activities being part of both a constructive strategy and a logic of sharing. Our programs are designed so that each element of the group finds its place in a relaxed way, beyond any competitive spirit and, above all, without requiring specific sports skills.”


A beautiful breakaway.


Construct your team through a game !

Castle investigation

Wake up the detective in you!

Mille & une… Bornes

Between red lights and other punctures, it will be necessary to stick together to keep the distance of 1001 terminals!

Grande Patrouille

Follow the GPS and do not lose your bearings!

Petite Vadrouille

Follow the map and do not lose your bearings!


Experience the legend of Reinhardstein Castle & conquer its fabulous treasure.

Step Story

Construct and live, be creative !

Made In Belgium

Knowledge, brewed with love, is shared with wisdom.

Quiz Game

Light the fire with our Quiz Master!

Cooking Contest

Creativity recommended, greed required!

Bivouac Experiences

Bivouac in the moonlight and live exceptional moments!


In the shoes of a lumberjack!

Back To Basics

Gather your team to analyse its operation.

Toggle Rope

The highest level of Team building!


You are Robinson & the adventure begins now!

Jeux sans frontières

World tour of the best competitions!

Highland Games

Let’s celebrate the cultural and sporting heritage of the Highlands!

Secret Agent’s School

Long live the Queen!

Treasure Hunt

Enjoy this clever mix of technology and pirate history!

Clé des champs

Authenticity, terroir… and tractor race 😉

Forest Jump

A world apart…

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